Saturday, September 23, 2006

Update: 24 hour horror marathon schedule now complete...

These, barring problems, constitute the feature motion picture line-up of the 24 hour horror movie marathon being held at Chicago's Music Box Theatre on Oct 14-15, noon to noon. If they do run the movies chronilogically (which I'm not yet certain of), this is will be the correct order as well. No times have been announced, but I've broken things into two hour slots as a very rough guide until official times are decided. Note that this fails to work towards the end of the bill:

(Noon) The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

(2:00 PM) The Bride of Frankenstein

(4:00 PM) It Came From Outer Space (In 3-D)

(6:00 PM) Masque of the Red Death

(8:00 PM) Let's Scare Jessica To Death (The film's director, John Hancock, is scheduled to appear at the show.)

(10:00 PM) Deep Red (Argento)

(Midnight) Piranha (Director Joe Dante scheduled to appear at show.)

(2:00 AM) Zombie

(4:00 AM) Friday the 13th Part 2

(6:00 AM) An American Werewolf in London

(8:00 AM) The Thing

(10:00 AM) Night of the Creeps

(11:00 AM) Homecoming / Episode of the Masters of Horror TV show. Dante is, again, scheduled to make a personal appearance at the show, although whether during the Piranha slot, or here, or both, is unknown.

Folks have chastized me for my stated plans to leave before Night of the Creeps plays. However, now that the schedule has been majorly rejiggered, I really have to re-think my plans. Depending on how my ass is holding up (and if, as last year, I attend solo), I might stay through for Piranha, although frankly I'm not an Argento buff, to say the least. Too bad about The Thing, particularly.

Night of the Creeps is probably still out, though. The problem is that there's no easy way to get downtown and stay there that late, given parking regulations. Even if I take the El and buses down to the theater, I can't park my car in any of the El lots that long.

We'll see.