Thursday, September 14, 2006

Off to Kentucky...

Family vacation time, as I head south to meet up with some of my kinfolk. Back about a week from Monday, so I don't want anyone to become alarmed at the sudden, abrupt termination of the phenomenal torrent of posts this blog has become renowned for.

I'm hoping to do better in October, when I plan to do a mess of horror movie blogging. In the meantime, everyone--all four or five of you--have yourselves a damn fine week.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

24 hour horror movie fest, Chicago on Sat, Oct 14th...

Last year Chicago's historic Music Box Theatre, a classic '20s movie house gorgeously refurbished a few decades ago, ran a 24 hour horror film fest for Halloween. Apparently they will be making it a yearly event.

Running from noon on Saturday, Oct 14th until noon on the following day, the fest is a goofy event with lots of audience participation, etc. I didn't stay the whole 24 hours last year, and won't this year. There are parking issues for those who so stay(you basically have to find a new spot for your car in the wee hours, although I imagine it's not that tough to do so). However, I'm an old man, and anyway, once the films start getting overtly gory, I lose interest.

That's why it's great that they run the movies-basically-chronilogically, starting with the oldest film and moving on through the decades. And at $25, if you stay for only the first six or seven films (or the final six or seven films), you can't say you haven't gotten your money's worth.

This is a tentative line-up, and will probably be added to:

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (with live organ accompaniment)
Bride of Frankenstein
It Came from Outer Space
Masque of Red Death

Homecoming (Joe Dante personal appearance; this was his episode from the Masters of Horror TV show)
The Thing (Carpenter's)
Let's Scare Jessica to Death

-An Exhausted Ken Leaves-

Deep Red (Argento)
Night of the Creeps
Friday the 13th Part 2

More details here.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This week on DVD (09/12/06)...

A pretty weak week.

TV sets of the week: Diagnosis Murder S1; Dick Cavett: Hollywood Greats; Grey’s Anatomy S2; Las Vegas S3; Moonlighting S4; Office S2; Roseanne S5; Smallville S5; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S4


Colin Farrell: Superstar Collection I really only noted this because, you know, how often will any human being type “Colin Farrell” and “Superstar” in the same sentence? Not often, I’d think, especially after Miami Vice. This is the ludicrous example of star inflation I’ve seen in a while. Meanwhile, a number of actors at least more worthy than Farrell of being called a superstar—Nick Cage, Michael Douglas, Cameron Diaz—are getting similar sets called “Celebrity” Collections today. On the other hand, calling Farrell a ‘celebrity’ is not much less exaggerated than calling him a ‘superstar.’

Crypt of the Vampire (click for disc review) Chris Lee went to Italy and Germany in the ‘60s and made a batch of movies. This is an Italian vampire flick. Many of these in the English language versions feature another actor dubbing (!) Lee’s voice. Basically, Lee, and other actors as well, would often do the roles in whatever the native language was, and refused to re-loop the entire film in English too, since that was sort of like giving two performances for one fee. So absurdly in the English dubs another voice would supplant Lee’s stentorian tones. Not here, at least.

Great Yokai War (click for disc review) Modern take on the Japanese “Yokai”, weird monsters and spirits featured in several older Japanese films.

Has Anyone Seen My Pants / High Test Girls Released on separate discs, these are examples of the sort of Euro soft-core nudie/sex films you often used to see during ‘late nite’ cable slots on Showtime and such. Generally a bit silly and thus, arguably, more fun than similar American product, these are for those who want better production values than you get in the sort of Misty Mundae stuff released today. (Actually, Mundae isn’t making those anymore, I think. I’m sure somebody has carried on with those, however.) Joe Bob Briggs noted that High Test Girls—aka Six Girls at a Pump, Gas Pump Girls, etc.—features “excellent dubbed moaning” and “83 full breast exposures.”

Laurel & Hardy Collection V. 2 A-Haunting We Will Go, Dancing Masters, and Bullfighters. Three lesser films of The Boys, but still, Laurel & Hardy. Now about a friggin’ set of all their short subjects? Seriously, WTF.

Murder ala Mod / The Moving Finger A very early De Palma murder film, typically violent, and an unreleased murder flick as a co-feature.

Mutant Wings Hauser and Bo Hopkins try to survive a town full of folks turned zombies following toxic waste exposure.

Star Wars, the Real Ones Finally, the original unaltered cuts of the first three films, begrudgingly included as ‘extras’ with Lucas’ universally adored redoes. (Please read last bit in very sarcastic voice.)

Teen Terror Collection Bundles at a cheap price Teen Doll (Brit JD flick), Teen Monster (horrible, but funny, monster Western) and Teenagers from Outer Space (typically funny cheapie ‘50s sci-fi).