Thursday, September 07, 2006

Look out old Safari Jacket Wonder Man is back!

I've talked before about my love for a handful of second banana Marvel superheroes (Ghost Rider back in the day, Luke Cage*), and included Safari Jacket Wonder Man in the roster. As noted, I really never liked any of his other looks. He was a glowing energy being for a while. Yawn. And he's also had a simply dreadful parade of 'superhero' costumes, all of which featured a retarded looking giant 'W' on his chest. As if to make him look especially bad, in the late '80s and '90s these horrible costumes were mated by giving Wonder Man a mullet. Yuck.

[*As I noted at the time, one link among these three is that they didn't have elaborate superhero costumes. Ghost Rider was a motorcycle stunt guy, and wore blue leathers. Luke Cage wore a yellow silk shirt and black slacks along with boots. Wonder Man again wore a red safari jacket over tight black pants and the requisite boots as well. In other words, compared to Spider-Man or Captain America, these guy comparatively wore street clothes.]

But now the classic, golden Wonder Man of Yore is back. Check this out. [If you click on each separate page, they appear in a new window, and can be blown up via the icon in the right right hand corner to a huge size, allowing you to really enjoy the extremely good artwork.]

You can't miss the cameo by another beloved character either, who once was part of the Marvel Universe.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Since I haven’t gotten a chance to look at any of the DVDs that came in last week, I feel even more pressured now that my next batch has arrived. And I should point out that financial constraints have me buying much less than I used to. However, after a slow couple of month, a slew of essential stuff has come out in the last week (and is due in the next month: The Universal Sci-Fi Collection, two Karloff box sets, the Legends of Horror Collection, etc.). And believe me, I am skipping titles I definitely would have once picked up, like the new 3-disc Seven Samurai edition from Criterion.

Anyhoo, here’s what’s next for the waiting list:

The Brainiac: One of my favorite movies ever, bar none. A beautiful transfer, and worthy of three watchings…once in the original Spanish, once in the K. Gordon Murray dub, and once with the commentary. Ai Carumba! Time necessary: 4 hours.

Godzilla (Gojira): Wow! This is the most gorgeous package I’ve seen in a while. Stunning. Both the original Japanese cut of the first Godzilla film, never even available in this country before on video, and the American re-cut and Burr-ized version on the second disc. With two audio commentaries (one for each film, and very good sounding ones), new documentaries and a booklet. Again, this set is beautiful! And under $20! Buy it! Buy it! The same company is releasing more Godzillas in the coming year. Awesome. Time necessary: Six to seven hours.

Arrested Development Season Three: TV’s biggest loss since Futurama went off the air. I purposely skipped the final episodes when they were broadcast, so I could watch them on DVD. Before I get to these final 13 shows, I’d like to re-watch the first two season. Tick tock, tick tock. Time necessary: Say, six hours, along with time to rewatch around 40 previous episodes.

100 Years of Horror: A 26 part history of horror movies, not chronological unfortunately, but with subject-oriented episodes (Werewolves, Bela Lugosi, Giants and Dinosaurs, etc.) Hosted by Christopher Lee. I never saw this show, so I don’t know how good it is—although it seems to have a pretty good fanbase—but over 12 hours of content for around $13! Time necessary: 12 and a half hours.

And I have no time over the next couple weeks to even get started. Sigh.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sacre bleu! Faire attention le dauphin!

"La vengeance est le mien!"

Will Jean Reno fill in for Richard Harris?

Brest, France - For several weeks, an enraged dolphin has been terrorising the French Atlantic coast, attacking boats and knocking fishermen into the sea, French media reported on Wednesday.

"He's like a mad dog," complained Hneri Le Lay, president of the association of fishermen and yachtsmen of the port of Brezellec, in Brittany.

"He has caused at least €1 500 damage in the past few weeks."

The dolphin, who has been named Jean Floch, has destroyed rowboats, overturned open boats, flooded engines and twisted mooring lines.

Worse, two fishermen were knocked into the sea after the dolphin overturned their boat.

"I don't want to see any widows or orphans," Le Lay warned. "This could end badly."

Seriously, is there any other country that could be terrorized by a freakin' porpoise?