Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New to DVD (10/03/06)...

Some interesting TV collections coming out today, although the sort of thing that will annoy people who have been picking seasons up piecemeal.

Since this is Horror Month, we’ll start with The Twilight Zone Complete Series Collection, which happily includes all five seasons of the program, and is made up of the recently released “Definitive Collections”, remastered presentations with nifty extras. A stupendous 28 discs is included in a set that will cost you about $200, which is much less than the price I was paying for the individual seasons when they first came out.

The complete run of The Greatest American Hero also hits shelves today, in a tin collector’s box with a cape (!) and “a battery-powered reproduction of the show's infamous guide book.” (!!)

Harvey Toons The Complete Collection is a four disc set featuring such second-grade characters as Casper, Little Audrey, Herman and Katnip and Baby Huey. Still, running a stated 200 minutes, there’s no way this could be in any way “complete.”

Other TV sets available today:

Andromeda S5; Baywatch, Collections 1 & 2; Commander in Chief V1 & V2; CSI New York S2; Medium S2; Penn & Teller Bullshit S3; Planet of the Apes TV Series; Stargate SG-1 S9

As for movies, we’ll start with, again the horror stuff, although it’s a slow week. Expect more to come as Halloween nears.

My film of the week is The Norliss Tapes, a 1973 TV pilot movie by Dan Curtis that was obviously intended to launch another show just like The Night Stalker. The movie is very similar to the Kolchak movies, although they do lack the humor those films are known for. Still, a very nifty flick, and it’s great to see stuff like this emerging from TV vaults. There’s a lot more where this came from.

Another essential buy is Super Inframan, the long-awaited widescreen presentation of the insanely fun Hong Kong film that is the ultimate statement of stuff like Ultraman and Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. Everyone should have this in their movie collection.

Abominable is a Bigfoot movie with Lance Henriksen. His last Bigfoot movie, Sasquatch, was just OK, but Scott Foy over at Dread Central surprisingly gave this movie a very good review, so you might want to check it out.

The Blood Trilogy collects three previously released Herschell Gordon Lewis gore films in one set; 2,000 Maniacs, Blood Feast and Color Me Blood Red. Not my bag, but three films for well under $20 for those so interested.

X-Men The Last Stand The third and possibly final X-Men movie, in numerous editions.


At 8:30 AM, Blogger Henry Brennan said...

I'm glad they're releasing the Twilight Zone set. However, I'm wondering just how "complete" it really is. I was just watching a great episode on the "Treasures of the Twilight Zone" DVD that I secured from Netflix. There was a fantastic episode starring George Takei ("The Encounter") that was only shown once on TV, then pulled for fearing that it would offend those of Japanese descent.

At 8:46 AM, Blogger Ken Begg said...

The Encounter is on the stand alone fifth season Definitive Edition, so presumably it's on this one, since it just collects all the definitive season sets.

Luckily, political correctness seems to be receding a bit in terms of old movies and such. The backlash against the stupid and insulting mandatory (you could skip over it) lecture Whoopi Goldberg (!) gave at the beginning of the last Looney Tunes collection probably had some effect. Meanwhile, a second Charlie Chan set is due, meaning the first one must have sold well enough to justify it.

The sad thing is that this stuff could afford a valuable lesson in the history of race in this country, while at the same time affording a good look at how far we've come. But of course, that only makes sense if you trust the average American to be smart enough to 'get' that old racial portrayals were bad. I guess we're not, but at least Whoopi is available to see us through.

At 9:14 AM, Anonymous the rev d.d. said...

FINALLY Inframan is on DVD!! I haven't been able to see it for years. In high school I was renting that thing from Blockbuster one every couple of months. I had to have been the only one renting it, and they still wouldn't sell it to me. Well, vengeance is mine, BB! HAHAHAHAAAA!!

Inframan...H.G. Lewis...Greatest American Hero...Twilight Zone...I don't have enough money for all this! Damn you, DVD releasers, for putting this all out at once! DAMN YOOOOOOOOOOU!!




OK no more Coke in the a.m. for me.

At 10:25 AM, Blogger Christopher said...

Another thumbs up on the Abominable front. Saw it at Fantastic Fest and it is an enjoyable monster romp if nothing more. A few clever "Rear Window" references and a couple of over the top effects - never tries to be more than what it is. Worth a look for the yeti fan.

At 11:02 AM, Blogger Ken Begg said...

Chris, I understand your desperation, but when are you going to understand that you can't 'speed up' my reviews with your remote control?


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