Thursday, February 02, 2006

Survivor Exile Island, Week 1

New rules. There are four tribes, each with four people (until the merging starts). Young Men, Old Men, Young Women, Old Women. Unsurprisingly--to us sexist bastards, anyway--the Old Women spent a lot more time worrying about being designated as 'old' then the Old Men did. Which is fair, because the 'old' teams seem to be in their 40s and 50s, which isn't exactly elderly or anything. Still, though.

However, as an indication that the Old Women weren't keeping their eyes on the prize, it was spot on. They lost the immunity challenge tonight and went to tribal council. Of the four, one woman is a lumberjack with a strong work ethic and a lot of experience out of doors.

Another, in contrast, is noticably out of shape (admittedly, she's much less fat than I am--that's what I really meant by out of shape--but that doesn't say much), who plainly hates the outdoors. At one point she was scared to gather up leaves (!) in case there was a bug or something under them.

Proving that they don't get the game at all, they elected to kick out the sturdy, tough lumberjack. The team now consists of one fit woman, one chubby woman, and the fat woman who is scared to pick up leaves. Good luck getting that million bucks, ladies.

Meanwhile, on the young women's team, one lady is a "flame dancer," which apparently means nut. She freaked out when she found a dead sea turtle on the beach, and went on and on about how the turtle is a big Native American symbol. To counteract the bad mojo, she drew a big heart around it in the sand. (!!) Needless to say, I was rolling my eyes at this, but had to love another woman on the team, who in a private camera interview reacted by noting, "For Pete's sake, it's just a turtle."

The young men are obviously the physically strongest, but I'm betting on the old men. They include two guys who are respectively an ex-fighter pilot and the other an ex-astronaut (!). Those aren't guys who fold under pressure, and they don't tend to let themselves go physically, either. However, one of the other old men is going through withdrawl from a twenty year, three pack a day ciggie habit. Plus, he's kind of lazy. He'll handicap them somewhat, but it's always nice to have an obvious candidate to vote off.

Unless you decide not to. Again, good job, there, old ladies.


At 4:21 PM, Blogger Henry Brennan said...

It's amazing how "dumb" people can be when they're not actually being led by the nose and have to think for themselves. Speaking of the Old Women - of course in a real life "Survivor Exile Island" scenario, folks such as the flame dancer and the woman with leafaphobia are instantly killed off to save on resources.

At 9:53 AM, Anonymous andy80 said...

This looks like it could be one of the great seasons of Survivor. There are some real interesting personalities. I agree 100% about kicking off the lumberjack, not sure what they were thinking there. I predict the flamedancer will have a freakout/breakdown, ala Jennifer Annistons character on that one South Park episode where they go to the Rain Forest. And to close with a sexist comment, these have to be the best looking young women the show has ever had!

At 2:12 PM, Blogger Ken Begg said...

And Misty is a hot rocket scientist! Boy, if *that* isn't sexy?

I think one of the ways that reality shows are entertaining is that they are much more prone than scripted shows to be non-politically correct. Of course, women are individuals, blah blah (man, I hate stipulating something that obvious, as if I have to prove I'm not a moron).

However, over the course of the shows it does seem like women are more likely to vote for or against someone based soley on how much they like them. Men seem generally more interested in rallying around the most competent (at least when that is strategically sound), unless there are factions involved that are butting head.

Maybe I'll be surprised, but I really think the 'old' ladies have cut their throats here...although with such small groups the merge may happen quickly enough to save some of them.

One thing I didn't even notice but saw mentioned on other websites: When lumberjill found a fish, the old ladies scaled it with their machete--but didn't kill it first! It was still flopping around as they flayed it. Guh-ross. And people complained about that guy who hunted a pig several years ago!

At 12:34 PM, Anonymous Terrahawk said...

They had a reality show a few years back with SWAT, Rangers, Green Berets, etc. competing against each other combat/legal situations. The interesting result was that the team of older SWAT guys won. I would go with betting on the older men on Survivor.


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