Thursday, January 12, 2006

BloodRayne: The Rest of the story....

[Review below]

Here's something I forgot. Joe got me in for free, because he works for the theater chain.

He uses a paycheck to prove that he works for them, and he handed it to the cashier and asked for two tickets to BloodRayne. Well, she proceeds to put the paper right up to her face and scrutinize his paycheck info for literally like half a minute straight--a long time, when you think about it--and pretty soon I'm thinking, "Man, if somebody actually asks for tickets to BloodRayne, shouldn't they be free anyway?"

Sure enough, when we went to the theater there was a grand total of two other guys there. (Meaning Joe and I doubled the number of viewers.) Eventually, well after the movie started, a boy and girl came in. They went out in the lobby after a while, though, and stayed out for maybe twenty minutes, so they probably saw half the movie tops.

Lucky them.


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