Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Killer croc!

In exciting news, flavor of the month Oz horror director Greg McLean (Wolf Creek) is working on Rogue, a big ass killer crocodile movie. On the one hand, at least a dozen similar films have already been made. On the other, all but one (Alligator) were lame or, more often, just suck. So it's not like there isn't room for improvement.

According to sources, including Variety, McLean wrote the script for this like 10 years ago, and has told interviewers that it's his "dream project." It certainly sounds like he will bring some passion to the project. Whether that proves good or bad, time will tell. More good news, though, is that the film is being funded by the Weinstein brothers, formally of Miramax, who a) generally know movies, and b) generally stay out of the way of filmmakers as long as they are not screwing the pooch. I also like the reported budget of $20m, which is big enough to get the job done but not big enough to get sloppy with. McLean has also noted that he made the critically acclaimed but more modest Wolf Creek to get the juice to make Rogue, and I like the sound of that. Man, I can't even say how cool a really good giant croc movie would be.


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