Monday, August 29, 2005

Coming to DVD....

Last week supposedly saw a “new version” of the extremely fun puppet classic monster movie Mad Monster Party released. I don’t know what makes this version “new” compared to the version already available on a pretty fine DVD. Still, a great movie.

The extremely fine DVD company Media Blasters looks to continue to impress with an October release of Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror, the American dub of the first of Paul Naschy's long series of Spanish wolfman movies. According to, "The film will be presented widescreen anamorphic, and contain all the footage from the Spanish version, previously missing from the U.S. release, and it will be in English! There will also be a number of extras on the disc including a commentary with [producer Sam] Sherman, radio spots, TV spots, trailers, and more." Cool!

There’s no wallet relief for classic film buffs this November, and that’s not even counting the King Kong sets due out. (Get the one with both Mighty Joe Young and Son of Kong.)

The TV show Fame will now live forever…on DVD! (Man, that’s good comedy.) The complete first season is dancing its way to store shelves on Nov 1st. Jazz hands! Jazz hands, you bastards!

Nostalgia fans will be glad to hear that the classic Boys’ Town, with Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney, will be out in November. A good stocking stuffer for your parents or grandparents. Hopefully Captain’s Courageous and Wallace Beery’s Treasure Island will soon follow. Also out in time for the holidays is Christmas in Connecticut, another old classic, starring Barbara Stanwyck. Both films are out on the 8th.

The 15th sees the complete run of silent Harold Lloyd (the guy in the glasses who hangs from the big clock) movies and shorts out, either in one big set or three separate editions. That’s just awesome.

Another classic comedian, Huckleberry Hound, also has a four disc set out on the 15th.

On a different note, Nov 18th sees the release of George Romero’s seldom seen 1973 production Season of the Witch.

More classic TV on the 22nd, with the complete first season of Leave It to Beaver. There’s also a limited edition set of the season, which comes in a LitB lunchbox!

Due out "around January" is a new Roger Corman collection from Fred Olen Ray's Retromedia DVD company. It features Last Woman on Earth, Creature from the Haunted Cave and the very rarely seen Battle of Blood Island. The disc is chock full of extras, including appearanced by Corman himself, and will supposedly retail at a low, low 'suggested' price of $20, meaning you'll be able to find it for under $15. Details can be found at


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