Thursday, July 14, 2005

Super Ex...

One of the apparent side benefits of the recent flood of comic book movies have been films featuring non-established superhero characters. The Incredibles is one such, but I also saw the trailer for Sky High, about a high school for kids with superpowers (imagine a sitcom version of the X-Men mutant academy), over the weekend and it looked suprisingly good.

Meanwhile, a film that will supposedly see screens in the future is Super Ex, starring Owen Wilson as a man who dates a superheroine, only to have her use her powers to screw his life up after he dumps her. If handled correctly, that could be a hilarious spin on the 'gf from hell' trope. While I generally find Wilson's surfer dude persona pretty obnoxious--I prefer his brother Luke--I would like to see this work.

Wilson is also up to play the titular role in the Secret Life of Walter Mitty remake, a role long bandied about for Jim Carrey.


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