Monday, July 11, 2005

New on DVD (the week of July 12th)...

Prize of the Week: Hercules/Hercules II: The Adventures of Hercules. Both of the hysterically funny ‘80s Star Wars ‘influenced’ Italian Lou Ferrigno Hercules movies, now on one disc for under $15. Marvel as the mighty Son of Zeus fights the robotic “Hydra, the Three Headed Guardian of Hades!” A must buy. The must less funny Ferrigno Sinbad of the Seven Seas will be out too.

Coming Close Behind: The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, a legendary fiasco starring Anthony Newley and doll-characters that were gross-out parodies of the Cabbage Patch Kids. Stuff like this used to be released in theaters.

Objectively Good Stuff:

Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Collection: Both of the surprisingly funny Bill & Ted movies, along with a third disc of extras, for under $20. Apparently Keanu didn’t find time to appear in the feature length retrospective documentary, proving again that he’s an ass. Also check out…

Freaked, a sadly unknown but quite funny marvelous comedy from Bill & Ted’s Alex Winter. It’s a two-disc set.

Love at First Bite: Actually funny parody of old Dracula movies, starring George Hamilton as the Count.

Night Moves: Top-notch cynical ‘70s private eye affair, starring the typically brilliant Gene Hackman. Few actors ever could communicate so much with a look. Watch his face when he listens to a man admit he slept with a hot piece of jailbait, who ends his confession by noting, “There outta be a law,” and a repelled Hackman replies, “There is.”

Scarecrow: Revered ‘70s art house flick (also then it was considered mainstream, which is why the ‘70s were a great time for movies) starring Pacino and Hackman in the glory of their youth.

Unfaithfully Yours: Preston Sturges comedy about a conductor who considers bumping off his wife when he believes her unfaithful. Steer clear of the ‘80s remake with Dudley Moore.


The Adventurers (1970) Typically turgid soaper based on the magic literature of Harold “Lonely Lady” Robbins. Classic kitsch.

Dogora: Media Blasters has impressed lately with a series of non-Godzilla Toho sci-fi discs, and I have no doubt this one will be just as good.

The Magic Sword: Emminently cheesy and fun sword and sorcery pic from Bert I. Gordon (!).

Party Animal: Inexplicable cheap-ass cult gross-out comedy that some find hilarious.

Soggy Bottom USA: Country fried redneck antics with a bizarre b-movie cast: Jack Elam, Ben Johnson, Don Johnson, Chloris Leachman, Lane Smith, P.J. Soles, etc.

Tales from the Crypt, Season One: Not my bag—I think The Hitchhiker is much funnier—but the show certainly has its fans.

Titus Season 1 & 2: Another cult TV favorite.


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