Wednesday, June 08, 2005

There can only be like a million....

Speaking of series that won't die (see Pink Panther thread below), they are releasing something called Highlander: The Raven to DVD, which I guess was a TV spin-off of Highlander the TV show which was a spin-off of the original Highlander the Movie (which I didn't even like very much), and it's atrocious sequels, including the infamous Highlander: The Quickening.

Raven apparently starred ex-Miss America and Bill Clinton flingee Elizabeth Gracen as a no-doubt hot Immortal. I know that other Highlander show was big in Europe, leading me to suspect that this spin-off might have had racier material shot for the overseas countries. If so, I'd advise them to use that version in the DVD set, if they hope to get at all past the Highlander fan base.

Appallingly (a word I'm using too much today), when I went to the IMDB to check out the Raven, I saw that a supposed fifth (!) Highlander movie, again with Christopher Lambert, was supposedly in pre-production. Let's hope it's decapatated before it can reach movie theaters or, much more likely, home video.


At 9:02 AM, Anonymous jedimom said...

IMHO, the Highlander TV series was far superior to the movie sequels. I never did get into "The Raven", though. Why, why couldn't they have given Peter Wingfield his own show instead of Gracen???

At 9:05 AM, Blogger nshumate said...

And the focus on creating a spin-off show submarined the last season of Highlander: The Series. Almost every episode focused on some other immortal instead of Duncan MacLeod, as they "auditioned" other immortal characters for the proposed spinoff. (Of course, after the "Duncan kills Richie / fights Ahriman" storyline, the show was a washout anyway.)


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