Monday, June 27, 2005

More freshly announced DVDs (see below)...

Good Stuff…

The Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection collects a fantabulous 14 previously released movies (Saboteur / Shadow of a Doubt / Rope / Rear Window / The Trouble with Harry / The Man Who Knew Too Much / Vertigo / Psycho / The Birds / Marnie / Torn Curtain / Topaz / Frenzy / Family Plot.) in one package, available on the web for under $90. (The set supposedly has 15 discs, so one must have additional extras. You can’t beat that. Of course, only a handful of the films are ‘masterpieces,’ but still. A larger problem is that if you dig Hitchcock or just movies in general, chances are that you own a bunch of these already. For instance, I own Shadow of a Doubt (highly recommended), Rear Window, Vertigo, Psycho and The Birds. The set is due out on October 4th.

Cult Stuff:

Demon Seed is the well-known ‘woman raped by a computer’ movie once parodies on a Simpsons Halloween episode. October 4th.

Dracula AD 1972 is a horrible Hammer effort that helped kill the studio. Christopher Lee’s Dracula, an over-the-hill Peter Cushing as vampire hunter Van Helsing and a bunch of frickin’ hippies make for an unsavory cinematic stew. Good for some laughs, though. October 4th.

Over the Edge is a ‘80s teen angst/revolution classic with Matt Dillon and Vincent Spano. September 20th.

Private Parts is a 1973 black comic slasher piece directed by cult director Paul Bartel. October 4th.

A Stranger is Watching is the somewhat more sophisticated psycho killer follow-up director Sean Cunningham made after Friday the 13th. Stars Kate Mulgrew and Rip Torn. October 4th.


Alien 3000 is apparently a sequel to a movie with an Alien-esque monster called Unseen Evil. I dig this no doubt appropriately dumb synopsis at “The sequel to 1999's Unseen Evil unfolds after the bodies of a group of college students on a camping trip are found by forest rangers, murdered, and brutally mangled. The military calls in its secret weapon, a rogue unit of specially-trained men, to hunt down the killer, be it human or otherwise. But brute force fails to get the job done, so the heroes enlist the aid of the sole survivor of the massacre; unfortunately she has been committed to a mental institution due to the horrors she has witnessed. Featured are Lorenzo Lamas (THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL) and Pricilla [sic] Barnes (THREE'S COMPANY).” July 5th.

Creepies is, gasp, a DTV killer spider movie. August 16th.


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