Thursday, June 09, 2005

Everytime I think I'm out, they keep pullin' me back in...

"NBC has signed Kim Delaney, Beau Bridges and David Cubitt to star in 10.5: APOCALYSPE, the sequel to 10.5. Bridges is back as President Hollister, Cubitt returns as Dr. Jordan Fisher, and Delaney will reprise her role as seismologist Dr. Samantha Hill.

Frank Langella, Dean Cain, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, Oliver Hudson, Carlos Bernard, Carly Pope and Tamara Hope, Melissa Sue Anderson and Barbara Eve Harris will also star.

APOCALYPSE will pick up in the aftermath of the original chain of events. Another round of quakes threaten to destroy North America. Delaney's character discovers that her father's earlier, discredited seismographic hypothesis may actually be correct and could portend greater doom.

Filming started last week in Montreal. The TV moview will air this fall."


Well, Fred Ward misses a paycheck, but he's probably better off. Certainly the additions of crap veterans Frank Langella and Dean Cain to the cast list indicate that this one won't be a marked improvement over its pregenitor.

Also, anyone who remembers my review of the first mini will remember that I harped on the disaster movie rule that "everyone's connected." Given the bit about the 'discredited theories' of Delaney's father, it doesn't look like anyone's decided to change things any.


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