Tuesday, May 31, 2005

This week on home video...

Attack of the Virgin Mummies: Yes, it’s started: People are making imitation Misty Mundae movies.

Bedtime for Bonzo: The Gipper’s immortal comedy where he adopts a monkey and wackiness ensues.

Best of Dudley Do-Right / Best of Mr. Peabody & Sherman: Complete season sets of Rocky & Bullwinkle are available, which include these, but hey, maybe you only have a thing for talking dogs with time machines. Seriously, though, buy the R&B sets.

Boogeyman: It’s May, and forgettable horror films released in 2005 are already hitting the home video shelves.

Bullit Special Edition: 2-Disc set of the essential Steve McQueen policer, including a director’s commentary and documentaries. The film also features perhaps the best car chase this side of The French Connection.

Case of the Scorpion’s Tale: Italian Giallo, if that’s your bag.

Cincinnati Kid: Cool maven Steve McQueen plays a young cardsharp who takes on the older Edward G. Robinson. It’s sort of the card player version of The Hustler.

The Complete James Dean Collection: That’s right, this one set contains ALL of Dean’s movies…all three of them. Still, nice package for fans. Comes with a bonus disc on Dean. The three films are also available separately, but why bother?

The Essential Steve McQueen Collection: Collects six movies, including some of the separate titles listed here. Includes Bullit, The Cincinnati Kid, The Getaway, Never So Few, Papillon and Tom Horn.

Harper Valley PTA: Barbara Eden takes on the snobs on the local PTA board in this adaptation of a popular country novelty song. (Really.)

Ice Cream Man: Clint Howard is a nutty ice cream man who murders numerous persons in this gory, b-movie-star studded flick.

Jules & Jim: Truffaut’s most famous film gets the Criterion treatment.

Moonlighting Season 1 & 2: Well, that must be like eight episode all together. (If you’re old enough, you’ll get the joke.)

Over the Top: Sly Stallone’s remake of Rocky, other with the even cooler focus of arm-wrestling, finally hits DVD. And moves several notches up my ‘review soon’ list.

Submerged: The long awaited Steven Seagal on a submarine with monsters, or zombies, or some damn thing, movie is finally out.

Test Tube Babies: Alpha Video puts out a no-doubt crappy but cheap edition of this essential laugh-riot ‘social menace’ film.

Viva Knievel: Man, this is a kick ass day for camp. Evel plays himself in this infamous cheese classic, co-starring Leslie Nielsen and Gene Kelly (!).


At 2:32 PM, Blogger Marty McKee said...

By now, you know that SUBMERGED has no monsters or zombies, right? What a rip.

Didn't you see TEST TUBE BABIES at B-Fest?


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