Friday, May 13, 2005

This Week in Show Biz!

News headlines collected from this week on the IMDB:

It’s always something Dept.

Diaz Slams Producer Romance Reports
Britney Slams Sickness Rumors
Blanchett Slams Botox
Abdul Brands Allegations "Character Assassination"
[Jessica] Simpson Slams [Fred] Durst Fling Reports
[Eva] Green Slams [Ridley] Scott for Removing Her [Kingdom of Heaven] Sex Scenes

Group Has Allergic Reaction To New Fonda Movie
"The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network has condemned Hollywood for making fun of the unfortunate. Igniting the group's ire is the upcoming Jane Fonda movie Monster-in-Law, which it calls "an insensitive and vindictive portrayal towards individuals with food allergies." The group objects to a scene in the film, in which Fonda's character attempts to derail her son's marriage by serving a gravy mixed with nuts to his fiancée, who is allergic to nuts. FAAN said that the scene "sets the stage for 'copycat' incidents where kids may think food allergies are just a funny subject matter" and expose their friends to a similar situation."

Amazing Shock Show Biz Headlines of the Week:

Chris Tucker Pleads Guilty To Speeding
[Danny] Bonaduce Checks Into Rehab
[Ron] Howard Struggled with [Russell] Crowe's Moods
[George] Lucas: New Technology Made 'Star Wars' Possible

Unlikely Show Biz ‘News’ Story of the Week:

[Michael] Jackson: "I'm Not a Nut"
Robin Williams Sues Celebrity Impersonator

Which is ironic, because in about two more years, that’s what he’ll be

Entirely believable Show Biz News of the Week:

[Ewan] McGregor: "'Star Wars' Fans Scare Me"

Actually surprising stories of the week:

ABC Gets Out Its Black Ink Pens
Details how on the back of new hits Lost, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy, ABC has posted it’s first profits in eight years.


Peacock Plucked
NBC is likely to experience a 20-percent drop in ad income for the current season -- or $550 million less than last year, the New York Daily News reported today (Tuesday), citing estimates by unnamed broadcasting and media execs.

Astounding Follow-Up Report:
NBC's Zucker: "Not a Good Year"


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