Monday, May 16, 2005

Shut up George Lucas you delusional hack...

Per the IMDB:

"The legendary filmmaker insisted there are plenty of fans who like the first two prequels, The Phantom Menace and Attack Of The Clones, but that most of them are under the age of 25...[adding] that most people who dislike the two films tend to be fanatics of the original trilogy, released between 1977 and 1983. Speaking at a press conference at the French event, Lucas said, "The older ones (fans) are loyal to the first three films I made, and they are the ones in control of the media. The films that these people don't like - which are the first two prequels - are fanatically adored by the under 25s. They are always at each others throats about it."

Despite the admittedly stellar reviews for the latest movie, the contention that the last two films were "fanatically adored" by anyone is insane. Please use some of your several billion dollars to buy a clue instead of screwing around and ruining the actual good films you made several decades ago with inane CGI inserts.


At 5:50 AM, Blogger BeckoningChasm said...

I'm just glad he can only ruin his own films. So much for Star Wars, but at least he can't, say, replace Margaret Hamilton with a CGI enhanced Rosie O'Donnel.

At 6:07 AM, Blogger Ken Begg said...

Riding on the Bus with the Wicked Witch? Although I'm not sure how much more Rosie O'Donnel can be 'enhanced.'

I'm a bit worried about the Indiana Jones movies, though, especially since Spielberg has also gone in for digital altering his past movies.

At 12:18 PM, Blogger BeckoningChasm said...

Ah, but the Indiana Jones ones are out now, if we want them; they can tamper all they want but they're available the way they should be.

I've just read an article in which Lucas claims the Star Wars films are a warning about Bush and the Republicans:


At 12:19 PM, Blogger BeckoningChasm said...

Sorry, that link got truncated pretty severely.

At 12:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can see it. Jedi are all about nuance, right?

(Eyes rolled sarcastically)

-- John Nowak


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