Tuesday, May 03, 2005

New on DVD/May 3, 2005

Here're some new DVDs that should be hitting retailers today:

Chupacabra Terror is this week's bad looking DTV horror flick.

Return of Daimajin is coming out as a separate title, but you're better off getting all three of the Toho "Giant Statue runs amok" movies in the long available box set.

The Entity
, the long controversial movie featuring Barbars Hershey repeatedly raped by a poltergiest.

The Grudge extended cut.

King of the Hill Season 4, one of TV's most underrated shows.

Licence to Drive: A new special edition (!!) of the Corey Haim/Corey Feldman pic.

John Wayne turned down Dirty Harry, and then made the "American hardhead cop in London" movie McQ instead, sort of a precurser to Keen Eddie. Silly flick, but it has its moments. Several other obscure Duke movies come out today as well, including Sea Chase, The Train Robbers and Blood Alley.

Patridge Family Season One Set. There's a song that they're singing.

Spaceballs: Collector's Edition. I think I'd rather buy that Licence to Drive set.

That Darn Cat! The original Disney...well, not classic, but you know.

Timothy Hutton's worst movie, Turk 182, hits the shelves.


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