Tuesday, May 17, 2005

New development on Arrested...

People bitch a lot about Fox, and they have cancelled a lot of quality shows, like Futurama, Firefly, etc.

However, that's probably because Fox is more willing to put such weird shows on in the first place. Sadly, the result is often shows that are deeply loved, but watched by too few people. The result is inevitable: Eventually, after 13 episodes (Firefly, Wonderfalls, etc.) or four years (Futurama), the programs are canned.

However, Fox is then often not given credit when it deserves it. It did keep Futurama on for four years despite consistantly lackluster ratings, although my heart was broken when it went off.

Meanwhile, probably the single best show on network TV over the last several years has been Arrested Development. Sadly, however, the show's quirks have all but assured that it has not become a big hit. Given the less than lukewarm ratings, Fox would have been more than justified in cancalling it at almost any time during its first year.

However, perhaps aided by the fact that it won the Emmy for Best Comedy, the show was miraculously brought back for a second season. Fox then pulled out all the guns. They ran mini-marathons of the show on weekday nights, hoping to allow newcomers to pick up on the program's trademark complicated, ongoing storylines. They promo'd the heck out of it. And, finally, they gave it the best slot they had for a comedy; Sunday nights after The Simpsons.

It didn't work.

I've not allowed myself to hope the show would be brought back again for a third season. This morning, however, it was reported that it will be.

Thank you, Fox. I'll bitch about you again in the future, but for today, thanks.


At 7:41 AM, Blogger Christopher said...

I watched the first six or so episodes on DVD and loved it, but I don't even watch The Simpsons regularly anymore, so Arrested Development hasn't been on my radar either. I'm sure when the complete series is out on DVD I'll kick myself for not supporting it when it was still on the air.

Meanwhile, ABC cancelled the less-quirky but still deserving Eyes after airing 4 episodes, those bastards.

At 8:41 AM, Blogger thanoseid said...

Thank God; Arrested is the only show I freaking watch anymore (besided Justice League). I have to say, I wonder if those low ratings for Futurama had something to do with the first half of every season always (ALWAYS) being pre-empted by football.


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