Thursday, April 28, 2005

New DVD announcements.... reports that Cleopatra 2525: The Complete Series and Earth 2: The Complete Series are scheduled for release. Thank goodness, because I can't think of one show in the history of television that would I would see released to DVD than those two.

I was being sarcastic, by the way.

However, I thought the funniest DVD news of the morning was the details for the upcoming The O.C.: The Complete Second Season, which includes "extended takes of the Marissa/Alex lesbian kiss scene and the original "too hot for Fox" version of the scene." Wow. Two ladies kissing. That's incredible. What a mind-blower. Imagine having a DVD that you can watch in your house that has that sort of content. Maybe if it sells well, that long-awaited Fastlane Complete Series set will finally hit the shelves. That had a lesbian kiss, too, didn't it? And...didn't Ally McBeal do one of those? Geez, lots o' lesbian kisses on the Fox network. Surely it's only a matter of time until Misty Mundae gets her own Fox show.


At 7:23 AM, Anonymous TV's Grady said...

"Fox turned into a hardcore sex channel so gradually, I didn't even notice at first!"-Marge Simpson

At 11:31 AM, Blogger BeckoningChasm said...

Didn't Roseanne have a lesbian kiss on her show? Let's hope no one is in a rush to put that on shelves...


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