Sunday, April 03, 2005

Monday morning QB(O)ing... 04/03/05

The pseudo-summer kick-off started well with Sin City proudly raking in an envy-provoking estimated $28.1 million, as viewers lusting for harder edged fare stirred from their sloth and gorged themselves on the critically acclaimed but gory film. Greedily opening on 3,200+ theaters, the film sucked up an estimated $8,700 per venue, presumably at the expense of irate competitors.

Queen Latifah's Beauty Shop, a spin-off of the popular Barbershop movies, refused to curl up and dye as it reaped a stylish $13.5 million weekend total, for an aggregate $17.5 since its mid-week opening. A heavy drop-off may be the color of the day in a market heavy with comedies, although home video profits seem assured.

Guess Who dropped in the box office race to number three with a $13 million take, dropping an comparatively low 37% in its second week of business to reach a total of around $41 million.

Animation nuts helped Robots bolt over the $100 million mark this weekend, thanks to a $10 million take. That represents an impressively meager 23% slide from last weekend, so the film still evinces strong telescoping legs.

Miss Congenty 2 was investigated by a small audience for a charge of only $8.4 million, for an 11 total of $31 million. Look for this to make about half of what the original did.

Among the remaining top ten films, The Pacifier continues to lumber towards a $100 million take, earning $6 million for a $96 total. Ring 2 scared up roughly $5.8 million, and seems likely to reap a frightening but not terrifying $75-80 million when all is said and done. Kevin Costner's The Upside of Anger isn't boiling any box office blood, with a marginal platform release expansion drawing $4 million for a total approaching $9 million. Will Smith's Hitch reigned in another $3 million, pushing its domestic total north of $170 million and its worldwide take past the $300 million mark. Finally, The Ice Princess drew a chilly $2.6 million, and with a $18.6 million total looks to hang up its skates south of $25.


At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Chris M said...

Ken, been spending a little time with Entertainment Weekly, or did you give up puns for Lent?

At 6:22 AM, Blogger Ken Begg said...

I don't know, puns during these things seem mandatory.

At 12:42 PM, Blogger BeckoningChasm said...

Actually, it reads a lot more like Variety.


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