Friday, April 01, 2005

And so the day of the superstar passes...

Who'd have thought we'd look back at the original cast of the 'reality' series The Surreal Life, including such luminaries as Corey Feldman, Vanilla Ice, Tammie Faye Baker and MC Hammer, and think, "In those days, giants strode the earth"?

Well, that's what I thought was I got a gander at the line-up for the show's fifth (!) edition, which features such 'celebrities' as Caprice (a British model), Corey Hart, Janice Dickensen (a former girlfriend of Sly Stallone; at least former cast member Brigitte "Ex-Mrs. Stallone" Nielsen actually had her own show biz career), Jose Canseco, Sandi Denton (of Salt n' Pepper, I guess), Bronson Pinchot and the inevitable Omerosa from the first season of The Apprentice.


At 12:03 AM, Anonymous Chris M said...

By the law of diminishing returns exhibited, I'm guessing Surreal Life VI will feature some Brit who auditioned for the Spice Girls but didn't get in, a random twenty-year-old named Corey, Vince Vaughan's ex-girlfriend (just pick one), Ron Santo, Sandy Duncan, that Mark actor with the long last name who was also on "Perfect Strangers", and the second cousin of Bob Ross.


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