Monday, March 14, 2005

Where's Patrick Wayne when you need him?

Per “Director Rob Cohen and producer Neal Moritz have cast Keanu Reeves to star in The 8th Voyage of Sinbad for Columbia Pictures. The story will be set in eighth-century China, Sinbad (Reeves) and his shipmates embark on a quest to find the Lamp of Aladdin. Along the way, they meet a beautiful empress and battle fantastical creatures as well as a rebellious Chinese general who threatens the kingdom with his supernatural powers.”

Just to kick things off: “Sin-bad?! Don’t you mean, ‘Act’ Bad?!” Or: [In Keanu voice] “Wait…A roc in Iraq? Whoa!”

Actually, there’s a whole Who’s On First bit there:

“And so, Mighty Sinbad, you must go to Iran to find the treasure, but beware, it is guarded by a roc.”
“Who’s guarding it?”
"A roc.”
"Wait, you said the treasure is in Iran.”
"Yes, Sahib.”
"But who’s guarding it?”
"A roc.”
"What, the whole country?”
"No, Sahib. Just a roc. However, and I’m sure you will understand, when I saw a roc I ran…”
"But weren’t you in Iran?”
"Yes, Sahib.”
"Then how did you run from Iraq?”

"So you got the map in another country?”
"Yes, Siam.”
"'You are’ what?”
And so on.


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