Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Postmodernism Dept: Jeering Cheers & Jeers.

The Cheers & Jeers page of the March 27th issue of TV Guide is typical fatuous.

A Jeer is awarded to Tyre Banks for not having any fat, sorry, "plus-sized" women on America's Next Top Model. Yes, and what about ugly ones? Also, I want a thin person on America's Biggest Loser, and someone really, really out of shape whenever they do a reality series about someone trying to win a slot on a professional sports francise.

A Jeer is awarded for a supposedly sedate final episode of NYPD Blue, which the column's author wittily notes could have been called "NYPD Snooze." Ha ha! That's gold. That's why these folks make a living with their pen while I only have a crappy little website.

A Jeer is awarded to TBS for picking up a second season of The Real Gilligan's Island. After noting the first edition "did well in the ratings," they ask, "who wants to meet more real-life versions of Gilligan, et al?" Uhm, perhaps the people who watched the first show enough to give it good ratings? That's just a guess.

A Jeer is awarded to Hootie for those Burger King commercials. "Are you really that hard up for cash, Hootie?" they ask. Nice. Hey, the commercials are at least really weird, and you don't forget them. Also, if Hootie had done the same shtick on Peewee's Playhouse, the same people would be calling him a genius.


At 5:48 AM, Anonymous Ericb said...

Actually I surfed by America's Top Model" the other day and I found most the the contestants to be, if not exactly "ugly," at least fairly unattractive. So they must have some afirm action going on there.


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