Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Action Jackson... (Or, snakes, why'd it have to be snakes)


"New Line is in talks with Samuel L. Jackson to star in their thriller Flight 121. Jackson would play an FBI agent on a long quest to bring a ruthless mob boss to justice. He finds a witness and takes him on a commercial flight from Hawaii to L.A. Trouble is, the mob boss has loaded the cargo with all kinds of venomous snakes. "

How can a plan like that possibly go awry?

This is obviously an adaptation of a script earlier announced under the title (I kid you not) Snakes on a Plane, which matches Spring Break Shark Attack for its pure expositional value. The original plotline revolved around the plane's rookie pilot, but obviously has been rewritten in order to draw a more established star, like Jackson. My favorite part of the original script is that the snakes were set loose by an "assassin," who of course was actually on the flight (!!). You can see why, from a script standpoint; to allow for his death by his own critters. I'm not sure how they'll get a 'mob boss' on the plane, but we'll see. Anyway, poisonous snakes seem an amusingly uncontrolled weapon to use in closed quarters.

Actually, this basic scenario is a venerable trope. Criminals in a surrounded house (including Oliver Reed and Klaus Kinski) had to contend with a deadly black mamba on the loose in Venom, while the 1974 TV movie Fer-de-Lance featured David Janssen dodging killer snakes slithering around a submarine stuck on the ocean floor.


At 1:05 PM, Blogger Mr. Blue said...

Wow, what happened to Sam?


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